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Eternal-Wow Horde Raiderz Guild On Redemption Server
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 Step bY Step Voting (Eternal Wow)

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PostSubject: Step bY Step Voting (Eternal Wow)    Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:20 am

Ok, it has come to HR's attention that some people are not fully aware of what 'Voting' is ...
here's the run down and how to ...
Basically Voting for these sites, promotes new players to join (Seeing that our server is popular & Populated etc)
which will in turn, improve our community & PVP experiences. as an incentive to vote EternalWow rewards us with vote points, which can be used to purchase Premium items, as well as Heirloom Gear


  • After registration is complete, ( including clicking the link in the verification Email) you can head over to Voting & Rewards


You can vote for each site once every 12 hours (Make sure you press 'Vote' for each one,...)
try to vote at about the same time each day, so as to maximize the points available to you.
Also, vote at a time when you KNOW you'll be available to vote, so that you don't miss out...
if you miss voting, and don't realize until an inconvenient time, sometimes it is better simply to wait .
you can get 7.5 Vote points a day.
For the first 3 days of every month, they will have MULTIPLED rewards, each vote counts 2x as much!
make sure you are choosing the right Realm / Charachter when 'buying' things with VP there is NO refunds.
HEIRLOOM gear,.. get it. if you don't know what is is, or don't understand the importance of it, please see HERE

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Step bY Step Voting (Eternal Wow)
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