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Eternal-Wow Horde Raiderz Guild On Redemption Server
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 New Recruits Look Here

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PostSubject: New Recruits Look Here   Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:18 pm

If I have directed you to come to this website, please read the code below and come back to wow and tell me it.

CODE = "New recruits must cross THELINE of common sense and register on this website."

Once you have been invited, please go to this link for addons and TS information.

I walk THELINE between Aggro and Insane DPS.

Level 80 Characters
Theline Hunter DPS
Amord DK Tank/DPS
Lendon Priest Disc healer/shadow DPS
Kwas Druid Boomkin/Resto
Dareth Rogue DPS
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New Recruits Look Here
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