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Eternal-Wow Horde Raiderz Guild On Redemption Server
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PostSubject: NEW RANKINGS   Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:56 am

Okay so there has been a bit of speculation on what is happening with the guild and the ranks and such. Don't worry it is all for the better!
So here are the new ranks, what they mean and what you can do to keep them.


This is the new rank when entering the guild. From here you can go 1 of 3 ways.
Initiate is a 2 week trial period, to see if you are a Raider or Non-Raider or to find out if you are not fit for the guild.


This position is obtained in a few different ways. An Initiate can obtain this guild position by coming to at least 2 Scheduled raids in a 2 week period. This will show that you have dedication to the guild, but aren't interested in raiding. Or prefer PVP over raiding.

This is also the position that all Raiders Alts will take. A non-raider may sign up for raids as he or she sees fit, and within a 2 week period preforms and shows up on time for at least 4 out of 6 raids will get promoted to Raider.

If you miss a raid that you signed up for and we have to replace you, you are automatically demoted to NON-Raider and have to work your way back up again.


Promotion to Raider means you are in TS at least 5 min before the raid starts, at the entrance with your flasks and regents and Quest (if need be) and are ready to go, and stay for the whole raid. You follow the raiding rules. Do as followed and add to the team. You must attend at least 4 out of 6 Scheduled raids in a 2 week period, as well as do a minimum 4k DPS average per raid. To keep your rank.
As well by the tanks and officers view if you ignorantly pull agro 3 times in a single raid you may be demoted.

Flasks are now no longer provided by the guild, This means you have to supply your own flasks, by either voting for them or getting the mats so that an alchemist can make them for you or buy them from the guild bank for 200gold per 5. Contact an officer to retrieve your purchase for you.

MAXED First Aid is Required for Raiders

Fish feasts will still be supplied by the guild. Any extra food you will have to supply yourself now.

If you sign up and are a no show or do not find a replacement for yourself you will be automatically demoted to Non-Raider and have to work yourself up again. There are also More perks with the Raider Title as well.

Also having the Raider rank means you get priority over Non-Raiders when it comes to Raid sign up.

Pulling a NON COMBAT PET out in a raid will be an auto raid kick and auto demotion.

This is your guild officer he or she will make sure things are in order, that there is no overly cussing and the general rules are applied. He or she will be able to promote and demote as well as invite. They are a general officer of the guild, as well as do events and other administrative duties.
This is also the rank of all the officers Non raiders. Just like Raiders you can only have 1 Raiding Main.

Raiding Officers
These are the raid officers, to keep this title and rank Raiding Officers need to Lead or be Assistant to at least 4 out of 6 raids in a 2 week period. They are the officers to go to about the raids, what is happening with loot and other such things that go around raiding. They will be in most raids and will see if Raiders are doing there jobs as well.

Lieutenant, General, Mute and Commander have not changed.

Perks and Premiums of Each Rank.

- Working hard or hardly working? You get to prove yourself with this rank.
- No Guild Bank Access (We want you to work for it)

- Guild Bank Access
5 Withdraw to 1st tab, 1 to 2-5th tab.
- Can be fill ins on raids, and priority over Initiate when we look for replacement raiders.

- Guild Bank Access
5 Withdraws to 1st-5th Tab.
Band Deposits
50 Gold per day for repairs.
- Will get first pick on coming to Raids.

- Guild Bank Access
Access to all tabs (100)
100 Gold per day for Repairs
- POWA!!!!

Raid Officers
- Guild Bank Access
Access to all tabs (100)
100 Gold per day for Repairs
- Ability to vote Raiders/Non-Raiders
- Leaders of Raids

Flasks are 200g for 5 flasks from the guild bank.
Raids are scheduled a month in advance so you have time to plan and join.

We will be putting weekly stats of EPGP and your ranking with that.
As well as we will be posting combat logs and damage through after each scheduled raid.

2 weeks inactivity on any rank without a forum post or telling an officer will be a demotion. 2 weeks inactivity without notice at Non-Raider will be handled as a Termination to the guild.

This is the same guild, we just want to put a little more competition into it as well as get some hardcore raiding done.
To stay in the guild you don't need to be a Raider.

We will also be posting Sunday PVP 2v2 Events and are looking to put together some "Strike Teams" for premade WSG's and weekend Call to Arms. As well as groups for the "FOR THE HORDE" Achievement.

Also if this goes well we will implement PVPers as well for the PVP people for Strike Teams and Strike Team Leaders.

This is all I have for now. If you have any questions at all PM me or ask me in game.

Thanks for reading this wall of Text.

EDIT:: Alchemists Available
Sapded(Ryeno), Arnak(Rheux), Theline has one as well(forgot the characters name)

DPS is a science, Healing an art and Tanking pure strategy.

Ryeno - DK Tank JC/Chant 450/450
Guidoz - Druid Healer/Feral Tank BS 450
Locktight - Warlock DPS Tailoring 450
Sapded - Rogue DPS Herb/Alch 450/450
Shamanatorz - Shaman DPS Mining/Engineering 450/450
Oneyr - Healadin
Ryenno - Hunter DPS
Warioryeno - Warrior DPS
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