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Eternal-Wow Horde Raiderz Guild On Redemption Server
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 Updates; 08/22/10

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PostSubject: Updates; 08/22/10   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:35 am

Ok, so every month (third Saturday of every month) we will be having an officer's meeting. where we will be discussing possible changes and improvements to the guild. (said changes, will then be posted here under 'Updates' in the Guild Info thread every month)

This month's Changes;

  • we now have a guest account (for potential recruits to peruse our site and see what we offer as a community)
    we are still working out some kinks, but this should be a functioning application very shortly. please ask any potential recruits to contact an online officer for the info.

  • Very soon I will be compiling a 'Master Class List' wherein I will be organizing all our members on a single thread by class... (DPS, TANK, OFFTANK, HEALS, OFFHEALS )
    Once said thread is made, please post all of your current lvl 80 toons and their Class.

  • Two Add-Ons that the officers will be beta testing in the coming weeks are ~ EPGP / EPGP ~ Group Calendar
    we do not yet know if these add-ons suit the needs of our guild, but if they suit our purpose Group Calendar will become mandatory for everyone, and EPGP will be used by officers. (we will let you know in the next update whether we'll be implementing these.)

  • Henceforth, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays will now be designated Raid days - Tuesdays and Thursdays will be in the evening and Saturday probably in the afternoon. (If this conflicts with your work / School Schedule please contact Ryeno, Myself or an officer and we will see what we can do to accommodate you)
    it WILL still be necessary, however, to sign up for raids. (please see next point concerning raids)

  • from now on, Raid sighnup will no longer be 'First Come, First Serve' - it will be specified in the first post what is needed for each raid (ie; 2 tanks, 2 healers, etc. ) if you would like to participate, but see that your class is no longer needed, you still may join, if you have an alt that meets other requirements.

  • To keep people from getting confused, please post all your HR lvl. 80 toons and their class in your signature

  • In the forums, you will now see that Officers and Administrators' Usernames are Bold and Blue this is our newest safetyl feature, if someone asks you for password, account info, or ANYTHING pertaining to official HR business, please let us know immediately, Screenshots are appreciated.

  • Also, for better convenience, Users located in Central European Standard Time ( GMT+1)
    please contact 'antiqe' in game, or Kriteria on here, as we are currently creating a census to see if there is enough users to maybe start sceduling Guild Raids that would be more accesible to our European/Serbian Raiderz

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Updates; 08/22/10
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