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Eternal-Wow Horde Raiderz Guild On Redemption Server
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 Application Form for Guild

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Guild Leader

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PostSubject: Application Form for Guild   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:43 am


Name (ingame):




Professions and their levels:

Do you have a planned raiding spec? (if different from your current, Wowhead prefered)

How long you have been playing?


Location (country):

Have you read and understood fully the rules of the guild?

Do you already have or are willing to use Team Speak? (dont need to speak just be able to listen well).

Do you have a reasonable understanding of the English language both written and spoken?

What were your previous guilds after reaching level 80?

Why did you leave?

What are your reasons for applying to Horde Raiders?

How many other guilds are you raiding with on your other characters?

How many times per week are you on average able to raid?

What is the latest time you could raid to?

What is your raiding experience? (bosses/raids done)

On the boss dummy, over a 2-3 minute fight what is your dps? (use WoL if you have it, else recount) [Note: do NOT use execute-type moves, they distort the image. Do use cooldowns, but don't use execute.]

What is your shot priority/rotation when in raids/dungeons?

Do you know anyone in the guild who would recommend you?

If anyone, who directed you here to apply to us?

Is there anything else you feel that we should know?

DPS is a science, Healing an art and Tanking pure strategy.

Ryeno - DK Tank JC/Chant 450/450
Guidoz - Druid Healer/Feral Tank BS 450
Locktight - Warlock DPS Tailoring 450
Sapded - Rogue DPS Herb/Alch 450/450
Shamanatorz - Shaman DPS Mining/Engineering 450/450
Oneyr - Healadin
Ryenno - Hunter DPS
Warioryeno - Warrior DPS
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Application Form for Guild
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